Saturday, February 22, 2014



I should be doing my revision right now for my coming final semester examination next week. But here I am, writing something on my blog. It's been so long that I wrote something here. I apologies for that.

So for the previous entry, I talked about my new baby blog and I claimed to shared the link here. Sorry again for the long paused. I guess I will not update that blog anymore. I did it for the sake of my subject only. Heh~ but anyway, here is the link. Nothing much in there, just some reviews and recipes.

Adehh speaking london la pulak. Hiihii. Dah terbiasa update blog in english kt wordpress.

Sebenarnya this is my final semester in MSU. Wehooo!~ I'm going to finish my study yawww~ arghh happy toksah cakap la. Hahaha. But at the same time, I am so nervous to think about my practical soon. Sigh.

Will I be able to hang out freely with my friends? Can I meet them often like every time I met them in the class? Can we laugh like there's no tomorrow? Can we play around and tease like we always do now? Ahhh I'm gonna miss these moments forever.

And I'm gonna miss him. Selama ni selalu jumpa dalam kelas, makan sama-sama, jalan sama-sama, selalu hantar aku balik rumah, pendek kata kat mana aku ada, kat situ dia ada. Dia. Selalu ada dengan aku, layan perangai aku, tak pernah marah aku, bawak aku pergi mana je yang aku nak pergi, buat aku ketawa (ohh I'm cryinggg~). Sampai satu tahap aku rasa macam taknak jauh dari dia.

I always have this kind of thought. That during our practical, we will be apart. Aku dah jarang jumpa dengan dia, makan sama lagi la takde, nak pergi mana-mana hurmmm I don't think we will have time for that, hantar aku balik? Naaah dream on. I start to get prepared for that kind of situation. Unless we could find the same place to do our practical. But I don't know, he seems to be okay with not having the same place as mine.

This is what recently happened (wipe tears sambil layan lagu sedih). Enjoy.

Potluck with mentor. Lepas ni takde aktiviti dengan mentor dahhh. Wuuu~

Makan kat tempat mahal dengan my kakak!!~ Eheeee

My faculty family day :)

BBQ with besties! We are going to do this again aite???!! Please say yes!

OMG it's Qi Razali...!!! Yup, it is Qi Razali. Kitorang jemput dia untuk jadi moderator for our seminar "Food  Styling & Innovation". He's cool yaw~ heeee. Alhamdulillah our seminar success big time. Kahkah! I love my team so much. Okbyoiii~

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